Last Sunday, April 3, within the framework of the Spring Harvest Livestock Contest, the National Merino Cattle Auction was held, an activity in which 24 males and 147 females belonging to 9 herds participated, which was attended by a significant number of interested farmers.

The batches of females presented had starting prices that ranged between €1,300 and €1,800, of which a total of 12 were awarded for a final auction of €19,630.

In the case of males, a total of 15 Merino animals (without variety) were awarded, raising the total auction to 6,510 euros.

As for the 2 auctioned copies of the black variety of the Merino breed, they were awarded for a total auction of 600 euros.

Auction Image

The mayor of Zafra, Mr. José Carlos Contreras, attended the Auction and positively assessed its development and the data obtained, highlighting that more than 80% of the cattle have been sold and that the recent rains have led to a growing participation of the ranchers.