Raza Merina is a breeders’ association that has been operating since the 1970s. Our job is to protect the native breed and get the best out of it, and that is what we know a little, so we care 100% of our livestock, as it is essential that they are in perfect condition for use in food. In this article we show you how we ensure that Merino sheep meat is in optimum condition.

How to be sure that Merina sheep meat is 100% Merina breed?

The decision on the “native breed” label is part of the development plan for the National Program for the Conservation, Improvement and Promotion of Livestock BreedsThe strategic priorities of the company include the sustainable use and alternative ways of profitability for the breeds and their products, together with propagation and dissemination activities of the genetic positions in society.

The meat of the Raza Merina association carries an identifying seal that indicates to the consumer that the meat is 100% native breed, this seal is registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

What does the Raza Merina seal provide?

What really makes the difference and imprints the quality is the purity of the ancestry. Therefore, it is guaranteed that they will be Merina breed lambs, successors of both father and mother, both registered in the Merina Genealogical Book, legally recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, thus demonstrating their racial purity.

This seal provides an important guarantee We have been labeling the animals and their wool with this seal for several years, but there is still a long way to go and many challenges to meet, and a united effort so that the consumer associates the logo with a differentiation of purity and the Merina breed.

Represents the quality of Merina sheep meat.

Our meat is certified  as a natural, healthy product with exclusive olfactory qualities due to the natural environment in which it is raised and the food it is fed, preventing our animals from health risks or fraud in its production.

The Merino beef originates from younger, lighter Merino lambs, which are fed on a cereal and straw-based diet after weaning from their mothers.

Its 100% native breed seal assures us that it is a meat of better organoleptic quality, more tender, juicier, smoother, with a less intense flavor, less fat and a lighter color. In any case, the purity of the Merina breed guarantees the excellence of meat for cooking, due not only to the natural way it is produced, but also to its ideal combination of fat and meat, which gives it a pleasant and unequalled tenderness, texture and flavor.

The Merina is a unique breed that requires special care and protection, not only because it is part of the Spanish genetic heritage, but also because of many other aspects that make it stand out from other breeds.

The type of cattle feeding has consequences on fatty acid composition and intramuscular fat, influencing the nutritional value and sensory characteristics of the meat. Nutritionally speaking, it is a meat that provides us with many nutritional benefits. Its proportion of fatty acids in the diet is very important for the consumer’s health: meat with an important contribution of omega-3 fatty acids, with an optimal omega-6/omega-3 ratio and enriched with antioxidant and anticarcinogenic compounds such as beta-carotene, vitamin E and CLA.

Guarantees Merino sheep purity

In this section we indicate the process that each one of our animals goes through. All our animals are registered in the Herd Book of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food.

The application for registration of an animal is made by the owner to its managing entity  by means of forms filled out for this purpose and providing the birth data, if applicable. In the case of the birth of a calf, these documents must be presented before the calf is 6 months old.

The verification of parentage is determined by genetic paternity tests that will be consigned to all males destined for breeding, in the case of females is optional,  is not a mandatory step.

All animals that have not presented any anomalies or defects may be registered in the breed’s Stud Book.

At Raza Merina we only want the best for our consumers, that’s why we dedicate body and soul to our cattle so that you can enjoy the best meat on the market.