Do you like sheep cheese? Do you know why it is the best? Cheese is an indispensable element in the Mediterranean diet, due to its multiple benefits and also because Spain is a great producer of high quality cheeses and they are recognized all over the world.

There are three types of cheese depending on where it comes from, sheep cheese, goat cheese and sheep cheese, but do you know which is the best and why?

In this post we will tell you about all the properties of sheep cheese, how it is produced and the benefits it provides.

At Marine Breed we are delighted with the idea of producing high quality pieces from an excellent care of our sheep because as we say “from exemplary animals, exemplary products”.

From a sustainable livestock farming, we produce a sheep cheese worthy of your palate, with an unparalleled care of our sheep, leaving their natural growth and without our land having any kind of chemical element that may alter the production.

What is the nutritional value of sheep cheese compared to other cheeses?

The sheep cheese has a great nutritional value and multiple benefits, since it contributes a great amount of proteins to our Mediterranean diet, which help us to the growth and care of muscular tissues.

This type of cheese also contains a series of abundant minerals that help prevent osteoporosis and decalcification.

Sheep cheese provides vitamins A, D and E, these vitamins are not always found in other types of cheese and are very beneficial to health.

In addition, sheep cheese contains more calcium than any other cheese, a very important mineral for strong and healthy bones.

Benefits of sheep cheese.

As mentioned above, sheep cheese provides vitamins, proteins and minerals that are essential for a healthy diet, but the benefits do not end there.

It is rich in other minerals such as phosphorus, zinc and magnesium. It is the least heavy cheese for those who have digestive problems with milk, and why not say it, its flavor is exquisite.

Sheep’s milk has the highest calcium content in milk.

Such is the magnitude of calcium contained in sheep cheese that the Spanish Nutrition Foundation recommends its consumption as it is an excellent way to provide a lot of calcium in a small volume of food.

There is a study which measures the calcium levels of the three types of cheese, per 100 ml of milk,

It is rich in other minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium and zinc.

Sheep cheese has a high nutritional value, apart from the vitamins and proteins mentioned above, it is composed of minerals such as phosphorus and magnesium.

Phosphorus plays a basic role in countless biochemical reactions at the cellular level. They are also the main components of the skeleton, and without magnesium many metabolic functions cannot be carried out.

Moreover, zinc is an essential mineral for the regeneration of muscle tissue, and is an indispensable nutrient for good health.

Sheep’s milk cheese is rich in vitamins

The Sheep cheese contains vitamins A, D and E, which are indispensable in our diet, as they help to regenerate bones and to the development and absorption of calcium, that is to say, cheese provides vitamins to absorb the calcium it contains. Interesting, isn’t it?

In addition, this type of cheese has large amounts of the vitamins mentioned above.

It is a natural and functional food.

Sheep cheese is often recommended to people with intolerances and also to people with gastric problems, this has a simple explanation: this type of cheese contains smaller fat particles than other milks and this facilitates digestion.

Another great feature is that it reduces cardiovascular problems, thanks to its low cholesterol levels.

It also contains fatty acids such as omega 3 and linoleic acid, which help to improve the immune and nervous system.

Sheep cheese is the least heavy for those who have digestive problems with milk.

It is well known that sheep’s milk is much lighter than cow’s milk, which is why people who do not digest cheese well are recommended to drink sheep’s cheese.

Adding this argument to the fact that this type of cheese has smaller fat particles than other milks, makes it an ideal food for people with sensitive stomachs.

There is no doubt that sheep cheese is nutritionally better than that of other animals, due to its vitamin content, its high calcium, magnesium and phosphorus content, its low fat content, its fatty acid content and its characteristic flavor.

If you are also a cheese lover, we encourage you to try a quality cheese.