Meet the Merino Sheep

The Merino sheep produces very high quality milk, since only 0.350 liters of milk per day are extracted per sheep, which has a minimum content of 5% protein and 7% fat. Merina sheep cheese or cake is such an exquisite product that the production of 15 sheep is necessary to make one kilogram.

For the elaboration of Merino sheep cheeses or cakes, raw milk is coagulated with yerbacuajo (Cardunculus Cynara), to obtain
the creaminess and final result of this exquisite product, the milk is curdled at a reduced temperature of between 25 and 30 ºC. The salting method is manual and each piece is salted individually with sea salt by rubbing.

Once this process is finished, the cheese is cured for 60 days on wooden boards that are placed in air chambers, where it is turned daily.


The consumption of this cheese is very beneficial for health as it provides minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and zinc, all of which are easily absorbed.

It also provides vitamins A, D and E, as well as a high amount of natural antioxidants, especially vitamin E. Merino sheep cheese also provides a large amount of bioactive peptides that help us to function properly in our body.

Merino sheep cheeses are considered by some food critics to be the best in the world.


100% Native Breed

The qualities of Merino sheep cheeses are undeniable. Thanks to the purity of the animals and the good practices of the Merinists, the cheeses made with the milk from these noble sheep offer authentic and unique flavours.