From the Merino Breed, as we are professionals in the sector, but we also like to surprise you, we want to bring you 10 curiosities of the sheep that will leave you speechless. This article is useful whether you work in the animal sector or not, or if you are simply interested in sheep and want to know more about them. Whatever the reason you are here, we invite you to read the list of sheep curiosities that we have made below.

fur softness

The composition, softness and versatility of sheep’s wool it is unmatched by any other product. Because they come from natural fibers found in the hair of sheep throughout the year and consume a simple mix of natural ingredients including sunlight, water, fresh air and grass. The advantage of sheep’s wool is that it is natural, renewable and easy to maintain. Since they are produced by a living organism, and therefore grow spontaneously, without the need for human intervention.

The age of the sheep

Since, in ancient times, they lived under extreme climatic conditions and often adverse. They had to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations from minus 20 degrees to plus 35 degrees. This is why they have a coat that adapts perfectly to these harsh conditions, in addition to great resistance. Also, it has the advantage of being an animal with the possibility of living in multiple and very different areas of the planet. This makes them an exceptional animal for breeding, as well as for their own benefit, taking into account the amount of products that we can get from these animals.


Among the curiosities of the sheep is their intelligence and their great capacity for memorization

Sheep are capable of experiencing a wide range of emotions, just like humans. Many studies have highlighted the ability of sheep to feel fear, anger, boredom, sadness and happiness. Sheep can not only feel basic emotions, but their feelings can be very complex and include interactions between emotions and cognition.

For example, believe it or not, scientific studies have shown that sheep can be both pessimistic and optimistic. Or for example, when sheep experience stress or isolation, they show signs of depression similar to those shown by humans by lowering their heads and avoiding positive actions.

Whole sheep’s milk is three times higher in protein than cow’s or goat’s milk

In addition, whole sheep’s milk is three times higher in protein than cow or goat milk. Therefore, it is a very good choice as a power supply. Although cow’s milk is mostly marketed, it is very good quality and provides great energy value. In addition, the strong and intense flavor that real milk has. If you like milk, you have to try whole sheep’s milk, because it’s good and better.

Wool spinning began thousands of years ago

Sheep wool spinning began around 5,000 years ago. The background and history of this material is so great that today it is essential for many materials in our environment, such as coats. In its different versions, wool is a thick and elastic fiber , which retains heat very well since it is a thermal insulator. Therefore, it protects from the cold both the animals from which they come, and the users of clothing made with it.

Curiosities of the sheep, they were domesticated around the year 10 thousand before Christ

Sheep are very tame animals and were one of the first animals to be domesticated. Among the curiosities of the sheep we find that they were domesticated around the year 10 thousand BC, and from the beginning they followed the same method of production and continuous life. Despite the centuries that have passed and everything that has evolved around us, the method of domestication remains the same. But the most curious thing is that being a method that allows us to domesticate an animal so essential to us, such as the sheep.

They can distinguish and remember about 50 faces of different individuals

A 2001 study by scientist Keith Kendrick revealed that sheep can recognize up to 50 faces of other sheep. and remember them for two years. In this study, sheep learned to distinguish between 25 pairs of sheep by associating one sheep from each pair with a food reward. The sheep were tested at various time intervals afterwards, and it was found that the sheep could remember the faces leading to a food reward up to two years later. Other studies have shown that they are capable of learning and remembering how to navigate complex mazes. They have one great capacity for distinction and this gift serves them to be able not only to distinguish, but also to differentiate and feel for each one of the animals individually and instinctively.


Some curiosities of the sheep is that they fall in love, have friends and come to empathize

One of the curiosities of the sheep that has caught my attention is that the sheep also “ fall in love”. I put it in quotes because obviously they are not capable of falling in love as we humans know it, but it can seem like it. Since, within each flock, there are subgroups of “friends”, that is, there are sheep from the same flock that get together more than others, and when one of them dies, the “friends” animals get sad. This is due to the empathy that, like humans, they too are capable of feeling.

They live in herds for individual survival

Sheep are usually highly vulnerable animals with little fighting ability compared to a predator. For these two reasons, sheep always remain in a herd. Due to the great and useful protection that they find among each other when going in a herd, although it is really a individual protection at the end of the whole.

Curiosities of the sheep and the salt in their diet

The last of the curiosities of the sheep is that, sometimes, they are given blocks of salt to the sheep so they can suck it up. In this way, they get in their body all the minerals that a normal diet cannot provide them. It is usually done when forage and cereals do not normally provide enough salt for a good level of production.

So without getting too technical , supplementing foods with salt blocks is usually a good idea. if you think that your sheep does not reach the necessary levels. For if enough salt is provided to meet sodium needs, chloride will also be met. So the sheep will be much healthier and more active.

In this article we have only told you some curiosities about sheep, to make it more enjoyable and entertaining. Do not hesitate to write us if you are interested in any of our services or simply to tell us about any other curiosity, since, in Merino breed we are also lovers of sheep and all their production.