On Wednesday, January 18, Raza Marina had the opportunity to attend Fitur 2023, an annual event held at the Consorcio Institución Ferial de Madrid (IFEMA), a tourism forum that becomes a way to promote brands, present new products, learn about new trends and make new contacts. 

On its official website you will discover in detail the objectives and the importance of an event of this caliber. Attendees will be able to learn more about the sector in which they operate and learn about their potential allies and competencies.

The National Association of Merino Cattle Breeders was at the stand. Food from Spain where they presented the great work of Raza Merina. The stand aimed to project the quality and variety of Spanish gastronomy, giving the importance they deserve to farmers, ranchers and fishermen. Numerous activities were held to transmit the values of differentiated quality of Spanish products, a moment designed to highlight the richness of the culinary heritage. 

Raza Merina had a space to disseminate knowledge about this precious  unique breed that they saved from extinction, taking the opportunity to express their values as an institution. An event where there was no lack of knowledge, tastings and samplings. 

Food from Spain stand at Fitur 2023

The Alimentos de España stand was an occasion where knowledge and gastronomy merged. Enjoy the culinary pleasures of our country, learning to value an agricultural sector punished by the crisis and shortages of recent times.

For the Institution, it was an informative moment where they talked about the different purebred Breeders Associations. To make the attendees understand the importance of the Merino breed, which was highly threatened by indiscriminate crossbreeding in the 1970s. What better way to pay tribute to the founders of the Association, without them the most important sheep breed in the world would have disappeared. 

The fun was not lacking either,  Oteyza opened the event with a show,  “MERINA: the Spanish Gold”. . Learning and having fun is an option. New projects also had their place,  Singular Spain announced its plan to look for  breeders and farmers who want to transmit the principles of the Merino Sheep culture. 

Such an event could not end without a tasting of the best Merina Sheep cheeses. The organizers turned a culinary stand into a forum for learning in a dynamic and entertaining way. All this without leaving behind the values of the preservation of the merino breed and the importance of the agricultural sector.