Thus, invited by the Ambassador of Spain in Belgium, we attended with emotion, together with the fashion firm, the event ” Oteyza, Tradition and avant-garde in men’s fashion “, which took place on November 28 at the Official Residence of the Embassy in Brussels. An  event presided over by the ambassador herself, Beatriz Larrotcha, accompanied by the  General Director of Agricultural Production and Markets, Esperanza Orellana and  Leonor Algarra, deputy director of Livestock Production Means. was also  present the Managing Director of FEAGAS, Manuel Luque, who carried out a  intervention in which he valued sustainable men’s fashion and quality  of products from native Spanish breeds. Everyone knows that the prestigious menswear firm OTEYZA  commitment to the quality of fabrics as a sign of elegance and design. This is why, since it was awarded the National Fashion Award in 2018, the brand has championed the recovery of the Spanish Merino Breed, also getting to be an operator authorized by the Spanish Association of Merino Breeders, for the use of the “100% Native Breed” logo. It was a special and significant event for us, since we felt that each of the OTEYZA pieces was ours, whose quality we consider possible because they are made with the best pure merino sheep’s wool. This was evident when a tour was made of the trajectory and work of creating its pieces, with special attention to the work carried out to recover Spanish Merino wool, from the origin of the raw material to the finished product. The attendees were lucky enough to be the first to see the exclusive pieces that OTEYZA made for the event , and to admire the exhibition of photographs by international fashion artists where the powerful identity of the firm was demonstrated. As if the soft and elegant fabric were not enough letter of introduction for the Merino Breed, attendees were invited to an agape where Spanish wine was offered with Merina sheep cheese, as well as acorn-fed Iberian ham along with other excellent products from native Spanish breeds. A pleasant tasting for the nearly 140 guests with profiles ranging from the world of journalism to the Belgian High Schools of Design, including the Belgian news agency, fashion journalists, representatives of Belgian artistic entities, foreign textile associations, ICEX , Chambers of Commerce of other nations (Russia, Germany, United States, Mexico, Japan…), representations of embassies of different countries, Cervantes Institute, Representation of Spanish Chambers of Commerce, the representative of Spain before the European Union, Museum of Fine Brussels Arts and Spanish Cultural Action. We are very proud of events like this, the result of the collaboration between the National Association of Merino Livestock Breeders and the firm OTEYZA, to achieve the total recovery of 100% Native Breed Merino wool. A symbiosis of hard work, with a long history and a long future together . We know that there are no borders when it comes to quality, and that is why 100% Native Breed Spanish Merino wool has been placed, by right, at the highest level and before the most important artistic and economic institutions.