Resounding success at the Sheep Show for the Merino breed. Three dreamy days, with stellar performances by each of our guests; Raúl Sánchez de Castro, Paul García de Oteyza and Manuel Sánchez Hidalgo, with which the audience vibrated. Sánchez Hidalgo captivated those present with his delicious Merina sheep cheeses.

Sheep show association

Within the official program, the public was also able to learn about the different cuts of Weddinng Merino, thanks to the mastery and professionalism of Raúl Sánchez de Castro. Afterwards, the attendees were able to taste the dishes prepared with this exquisite meat.

merino sheep meat

Another of the activities was led by the firm OTEYZA with its founder, Paul García de Oteyza, who delighted those present with images of his fashion shows on the main catwalks of the world.

During the event we were also visited by representatives of the central and autonomous administration, which led the auction of Merino Cattle.

sheep show cheese