The Association mourns the death of the farmer D. Florentino Domínguez, emblematic figure of the Merino.

He considered himself in love with the breed and he demonstrated this throughout his life of dedication and work, managing to maintain the genuine Hidalgo line.

A native of Ávila, he practiced transhumance to Extremadura lands since his youth, where he finally settled down and managed to consummate his life’s dream, acquiring a pasture in Extremadura, “La Boticaria”, to care for and protect his beloved Merino sheep.

D. Florentino, during the awards ceremony for the Meat Performance Contest, May 1985

Mr. Florentino Domínguez became a member of the National Association of Merino Livestock Breeders in 1985 and was part of the Board of Directors during the period 2015-2019. Year in which the Association dedicated a well-deserved tribute to him in recognition of his professional career dedicated to and for the Merino sheep.

Mr. Florentino Domínguez, during his tribute at the FIG in Zafra 2019

His contribution to the conservation of the breed is more than guaranteed by the hundreds of thousands of heads he has provided to hundreds of farmers in the sector, so that they could improve their Merino herds, or merinize their former Merino herds.

Thanks to Mr. Florentino Domínguez

Considered by many to be “The Godfather”, he was always willing to help new breeders, inexperienced or in need of advice, who turned to him for advice, to whom he gave his knowledge, experiences and friendship.

Mr. Florentino Domínguez with Lynley Anderson, Australian rancher

For all these reasons, it goes without saying that Mr. Florentino Domínguez has carried out state work by conserving and protecting the most precious treasure of the Spanish livestock genetic heritage, our Merino breed, throughout his life. Achieving with this, maintaining the genetic reserve of the breed in its place of origin, preserving the Merino as it was centuries ago.

The phrase that D. Florentino always said when he spoke of his sheep was: “There will be better or worse, but like these, none.” Today, we want to say to D. Florentino: “There will be better or worse breeders, but like you, none.”

See you always dear friend.