Discover the unique properties of the Merina sheep meat Discover the unique properties of Merino sheep meat, unequaled in flavor, and learn about the quality controls required to preserve its authentic seal of a pure breed. It is part of the history of Spain. It was exploited for many years for the production of wool, which achieved a well-deserved worldwide fame, and went from being a pastoral activity to a complex reason of state. The fall and devaluation of the demand and value of wool has generated a greater interest on the part of cattlemen in taking more care of the production of higher quality meat, and wool has taken a back seat.

Lamb meat

In recent years, an effort has been made to recover the values provided by this type of meat from this breed. It is one of the best lamb meats that can be found on the market today.

Among the types of sheep meat, the most consumed is lamb, which is a type of red meat, especially on dates such as Christmas, which makes the price of lamb higher at this time of the year. The ideal season for slaughtering lamb is in spring because it is at its best, what is most striking about this type of meat is its flavor and texture.

It is classified depending on the age and weight of the animal, we can find three different types of lamb meat:

  • Slaughter takes place when the animal is still feeding on mother’s milk, with a life of six or seven weeks and a weight of 8 kilograms. It is a very expensive meat because it is tender, juicy and low in fat.
  • Lamb Recental: The age of the lamb does not exceed four months and it cannot reach a weight of 13 kilograms. It is distinguished by having a darker color and intense meat, this type of lamb has already been introduced in their diet feed, cereals or grass.
  • Paschal lamb: They do not reach one year of life and their weight is between fifteen and twenty-one kilograms. The lamb becomes more intense in flavor and color as it ages.
  • Older sheep: These are animals that exceed one year of age, are consumed very little and their meat is used more for jerky due to its hardness and intense flavor.

Nutritional value of Merina sheep meat.

It is an essential element in the human diet as it provides a large amount of ingredients that are:

  • Proteins: 20-25%, with a high biological value. As the age of the animal increases, it leads to an increase in connective tissue and has a lower amount of methionine and other essential amino acids.
  • Vitamins: It has vitamins of group B which are: B1; B2; B3; B6 and B12 which its benefit is the correct functioning of the nervous system, it also contains vitamin A and D.
  • Minerals: This type of meat is a source of natural iron and highly bioavailable zinc, as well as potassium, phosphorus and selenium.

Fat from pasture-raised lambs, typified as Paschal lamb, whose production is linked to the Merina breed, has many beneficial characteristics. This type of red meat should be consumed no more than 400-500 grams per week for a healthy diet.

When buying lamb, the following observations or precautions should be taken into account in order to alter the properties and flavor of the product as little as possible:

– The cut of this type of meat must be clean and the bones must not split or splinter.

– It should be noted that its appearance is dry and moisture-freethe fat is white and is distributed throughout the piece, the meat is tight, there is a trace of blood to prove that it has been recently slaughtered, and it has an odor. soft and pleasantand that the color either red or white that of the meat.

The presentation in the market can be in carcasses, pieces, filleted (refrigerated, vacuum packed or frozen), and its conservation and cleaning must be from two to four days; it can also be kept frozen. The pieces must be kept at -18ºC, but cannot be kept in the freezer for more than four months.

In short, Merina sheep meat is the best meat available in Spain due to its high quality and nutrient potential. At Merino Breed you can find the best cattle to consume this type of meat 100% purebred, with a quality seal. We have a high acceptance by the final consumer and you can be sure of your purchase thanks to our certification seal on the label: ”100% Merina native breed”.