To this day, most of the wool produced is used for making clothing. But there are also many wool products that are very useful and that are not so well known. His flexibility and durability , combined with its odor and fire resistance properties , make it suitable for myriad purposes, both decorative and functional.

In addition, the ecological properties Wool producers are helping to put wool in the spotlight with wool prices enjoying a 25-year high. New applications are continually being developed for this sustainable and renewable material.

Wool products such as sportswear

Merino wool is a high performance fiber, as it is designed to be worn comfortably next to the skin. For this reason, one of the most successful wool products is sportswear. Circular knits create seamless garments that reduce chafing. The properties of humidity control and thermoregulation keep odors at bay. It is also used in compression garments and even running shoes.

Hunting clothes

The classic and elegant hunting clothes type monterías, is one of the best-selling and is based on the new textile technology, knitted in merino wool. Not all of this type of hunting clothing is designed in green or gray. Pink, blue or orange are also part of the available color palette. Hunting clothing woven with this material provides, thanks to its advantageous characteristics, a resistance and resistance to scratches that no other type of material can provide, especially for this type of activity where the quality and material of the clothing is so important.

Trendy wool products

Supermarkets and fashion brands, such as Inditex, Gucci, Bimba and Lola, among others, develop new collections of outerwear for autumn and winter every yearsuch as capes, jackets, ponchos, socks, gloves, skirts, hats, or sweaters. It is a good material for this type of fashion item, as it wool is warm and shelters much more than other types of fabrics.

Wool products for the home

Wool is the best choice for household products, such as high-quality rugs.. Thread ends and inferior quality wool are not wasted. Instead, they are put to good use as a crafting base. The home upholstery is also another of the most used wool products, both stuffed and covers. In addition, domestic use is as varied as it is ubiquitous, from blinds, curtains, screens, cushions or wallpaper to the little felt pads you place under table and chair legs to protect the floor.

lana raza merina

Thermal insulation with wool

The wool in our walls keeps the buildings warm and quiet. The natural wool insulation it is an environmentally friendly acoustic and thermal option that is used around the world. All insulation has an R-value, a measure of its thermal resistance, and because of its ability to absorb and release moisture , wool insulation’s performance exceeds its R-value rating. It’s also a healthy choice for installers, since they don’t need to wear any protective gear when working with this natural product.

Products and accessories 100% merino wool XXL

One of the trends among wool enthusiasts is to knit thick XXL merino wool with your hands or large needles. It is exclusively washed and combed wool, without any type of dye or additive, totally natural. In addition, due to its excellent softness, it is an ideal yarn for knit with your hands or with fat needles .

With this type of technique, a wide variety of products can be made, such as collars, scarves and huge hats. designed to keep you warm. Also, you can make a very large blanket with some thick knots or any great idea that comes to mind, because with this yarn everything becomes big.

This type of wool is incredible to the touch due to its softness, which gives it great comfort. In addition, another advantage of merino wool is that it is very easy to weave, so products can be quickly made from it.

In summary, wool is one of the fabrics that can give more play due to the variety of wool products that you can get. In this article we have only told you a few so that you can know how this fabric that we all know is used. If you work in the world of wool and are interested in finding out more or hiring any of our services, do not hesitate to contact us through our website . We hope this information has been useful to you!