If you have a large piece of land with enough grass to feed them, raising sheep can be very satisfying. From them we can obtain products dairy, meat and wool. Sheep are animals that, due to their fragile body, tend to protect themselves from any other animal and tend to group together to flee together in case of emergency. There are a large number of different breeds of sheep, among which are the merino sheep. The merino wool , which is characterized as a type of fine white product, was exported to countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, England and America. In addition, herds of transhumant sheep each year covered enormous distances throughout the peninsula, from the mountain pastures in summer to the plains in winter. Sheep usually live between 10 and 12 years, although some breeds with good nutrition and care can live up to 20 years.

How to raise sheep in the best conditions?

If you want to start raising sheep , you must know what are the best conditions to raise them. Therefore, below we will show you the best way to do it.


Water is essential to be able to raise sheep. Make sure they always have clean and fresh water to keep them healthy and do not end up sick from any bug or dirt that may be in the tub. Regularly check that the water is being recycled daily or make sure change the water daily by hand. If you don’t, they will get sick. Sheep’s water requirements vary according to stage of production, sex, weight, and environmental conditions. These factors are constantly changing, so the sheep’s diet needs to be readjusted accordingly.

Grazing land where you can raise sheep safely

We must have the space enough in the field to allow the welfare of the sheep. Keep them between trees It is the best option because they will be covered from the wind or other environmental phenomena that may occur. If we do not have a field with trees, bushes and hills to raise sheep, it is recommended to place objects for the purpose of protecting against the wind.

Feeding and resting when raising sheep

Feeding and resting when raising sheep It is essential for their well-being, feed them when necessary and in sufficient quantity, do not let them eat too much or less, always give them the amount that corresponds to them, as it will have consequences on their long-term health. It must be taken into account that the amount of food will also depend on the size and weight of the sheep As for the rest make sure they have enough space from each other in the barn and that it is a closed and safe space of predators. In addition, this will prevent injuries and your stress.

The reproduction

Reproduction varies depending on the objectives we want to obtain when raising sheep. Sheep production will not begin until the female has not reached 70% of its mature weight , each of them may have between one and three lambs per litter a year, and some can even have between four and five a year. These sheep need a safe space with all the means to help them give birth and a pleasant environment so that the process is as comfortable as possible for them.

Cleanliness, care and health when raising sheep

If you want the sheep to be in perfect health, to obtain the highest quality products possible, the cleanliness and care that we give them is very important. It is essential to keep dewormed and cared for sheep, ensuring that they are dewormed regularly, using a commercial paste that is suitable for this task. It is also important to give them baths to prevent them from getting sick and infect each other. Always take the proper precautions to prevent disease outbreaks and seek veterinary advice on the best and most humane procedures to protect your herd from diseases they may contract.


Once informed and with the knowledge of knowing what are the best conditions to raise sheep, if you have everything you need to start raising them, it’s time to get down to work. Keep in mind that the first year is always introductory and you can take the necessary first steps, as well as projections and calculations for further investment in the years to come. If after a while you have become an expert in sheep farming and you have found a market to be able to profitably trade and sell the products you obtain, you could expand your livestock and carry out this activity in a more professional way.


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