A good knowledge of farm animal care it is essential so that our animals can stay in perfect health. Keeping them in good physical condition and health is a hard but mandatory and necessary task. In addition, in this way the best quality of the products we seek to obtain will be obtained. A large number of factors must be taken into account when it comes to animal welfare and, for this, it is necessary to be informed in the best possible way of each of the different aspects. The behavioral tendencies , physical needs , adequate diets for animals and anatomical characteristics are essential aspects that we must know if we want our animals to have well – being. For this reason, below we will show you the essential care that farm animals require.

What are the essential care that every farm animal needs?

Surely you are wondering what the essential care for farm animals is. From Merino breed we have all the keys and we explain each of them in detail.

Care of farm animals in their diet

Feeding is a basic and very important aspect for the care of farm animals and that they are in good physical condition. The diet to be followed by cows and other bovines must include seeds, leaves, herbs and stems. If we want to obtain the best quality from these animals, it is essential to add hay and protein supplements, especially in dairy cows.

Sheep as herbivorous animals require a diet of varied grasses to be in good health. The hens They can feed on various elements as they are omnivorous animals. We can feed them insects, vegetables, feed or food scraps.

In the care of farm animals, for the feeding of pigs , foods such as wheat, cereals, barley, acorns and special feed must be included , while the feeding of ducks must contain a large amount of fish and plants.. Ensuring the best nutrition and health for these animals is essential if we want to obtain a better quality product.

Cleaning of stables, pigsties or chicken coops

To clean the stables, pigsties or chicken coops, a disinfectant must be used to eliminate bacteria that may affect the animals. For disinfectants to work properly, they must be clean and degrease previously, essential for the care of farm animals. In order to carry out the disinfection, the animals must be removed, all the equipment disassembled and removed to a clean place, the floor and walls soaked and then all surfaces will be washed using an industrial detergent.

Cleaning and care of farm animals

Proper cleanliness and care for farm animals is very important to prevent infection or injury .. The care of the animals’ nails must be carried out regularly, for which the floor of the stable must be adequate and materials that can cause injuries must be checked. To prevent infection, footbaths must be used, kept clean, and their effectiveness under control. The parasite control is very important to the welfare of the animals, so protective parasite control programs such as lice treatment for indoor animals or parasite treatments for young calves should be applied. For the Sheep and goats should be increased measures with external parasites and internal parasites will be controlled by grazing management and proper treatment depending on the life cycle of the parasite.

Veterinary care of farm animals

In the care of farm animals, having a sanitary control towards them is very important. This work must be supervised by a veterinarian. The checks and reviews necessary to be done to the animals are: control of parasites, vaccination program, preparation of rations, preventive medicine services and a biosecurity plan. Regular reviews of health and welfare issues with veterinarians are very important to the health and welfare of the animals. It is essential protect them from the risks of possible diseases and injuries, which is why it is important that veterinarians visit frequently to detect and treat animals that need it.

The shearing of animals, essential among the care of farm animals

shearing of animals It is very important for their health, because in this way we avoid infections, the blindness that wool can cause and the difficulty that it can cause in the movement of these animals. Shearing is done once a year, allowing the new wool to recover and not harm its quality. It must also be taken into account that the wool serves to protect the animal from the cold, so it is necessary to shear them in spring or early summer. The benefits that we obtain from this practice, among others, is the greater survival of the animals, a greater production of milk. The shearing is very important in the care of farm animals and also in regard to wool production , as it achieves better productive, economic and even reproductive results.


In this post we have been able to observe the care that must be taken for the correct welfare of farm animals is not an easy task. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare correctly to carry out all the tasks and care of farm animals. In this way, we will achieve the best possible quality, such as the products we obtain in Merino breed.